Integrated Biosecurity Programme


The professional disinfectant

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The complete cleaner

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The excellent descaler

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The best drinking water treatment

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The optimal drinking system cleaner

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The effective hand hygiene

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Lurectron Flybait

Fly control in a trice

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Exterminator for rats and mice

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With our “HI - CONCEPT” program you proactively minimize the risk of infection on your premises and prevent pathogens from entering the farm. The program also eliminates the risk of disease transmission by insects, rats and mice.

Cleaning and disinfection play a major role in modern farming today. The use of safe and reliable products is of utmost importance.

Our products help you to complete your fly- and rodent management program and improve the general comfort of your animals.

Using the HI - CONCEPT product line will help you to preserve the bio-security on your farm. Your farm will be acknowledged as an important link in the total food chain. Food safety is the key term. As a result of providing a healthier environment for your livestock, you will be awarded with a better price for your product resulting in much higher financial return.

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