Lurectron Flybait

Fly control in a trice


Lurectron Flybait is a product with sexual bait for control of flies in all animal houses and warehouses.

Lurectron Flybait is suited for spot treatment of cattle and poultry houses in such a way that direct contact with the animals is excluded. The product can be brushed on or scattered.


Active ingredient Methomyl
Content 1%
Attractant Z-9-Tricosene
Content 0,25%


Available on request


Available in 4 x 2,5 kg re-sealable drums, with measuring spoon.


Lurectron Fly-bait contains 1% Methomyl. Methomyl is characterized by a broad mode of action and immediate effect. To be effective only little active material is required. With an average consumption of Lurectron Flybait a fly will consume 100 times the lethal dose.

To increase the efficiency of Lurectron Flybait the product also contains Muscalure, a fly pheromone with sexual luring action. This luring action increases the efficiency on both male and female flies.



Mix 100 gram of Flybait with 30 ml of water. This is sufficient for a floor space of approx. 45 m2. Stir the mixture properly and leave it for several hours, so that the granules dissolve completely. Apply with a brush on those places where flies are likely to be, but out of the reach of children and animals; for instance on window sills, window frames, beams, ceilings, walls, etc. Spread the paste on several places.
The mixed paste must be used in one go. Dust and dirt may reduce efficiency. Wet treated areas now and then with a plant spray to maintain a proper action. Repeat treatment if necessary.


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