Exterminator for rats and mice


Sorkil®-G is impregnated whole grain bait based on difenacoum for rat and mice control in and around buildings, warehouses, farms, and industrial areas.


Grain bait (AB)
Based on: 0,005 % difenacoum


Available on request


1 x 5 kg re-sealable plastic drum, with measuring spoon.


Difenacoum is a second-generation anticoagulant with strong rodenticidal properties and is highly effective against rats and mice. In comparison with anticoagulants of the first generation, which fail to exterminate resistant strains successfully, difenacoum is simply radical! Sorkil®-G eradicates resistant rats and mice by a few feeding doses. Generally rodents are killed after 4 or 5 days only so baitshyness does not occur. Dead bodies dry fast and almost don’t smell. Intoxication symptoms by humans could appear only after repeated ingestions or after ingestion of very large quantities of the product. Safety and effectiveness are on a par with Sorkil®-G!

Sorkil®-G is whole grain dipped in difenacoum. Whole grains are the preferred foodstuffs for both rats and mice. A big advantage of whole grain is its broad spectrum of application. It can be used efficiently in indoor and outdoor treatments because whole grains are less affected by weather conditions than meal.

Therefore the use of Sorkil®-G is recommended in both in dry and more humid conditions.


For rat and mice control in and around buildings, warehouses, farms, factories and industrial areas. The use of secured bait stations is recommended. If not available, use drainpipes or at least sheltered positions where children, animals and birds do not have access.

Position the grains in small amounts where there is rat or mice activity, best in a plastic tray : 100 to 150 g Sorkil®-G for rat control and at 25 to 50 g for mice control. Check regularly for consumption, and refill as long as bait is eaten.


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