Intramol Ultra Fine

Natural desiccant


Intramol Ultra Fine is a fine spray powder. It has the ability to absorb liquids and odours into the structure of the mineral.

Whitin animal healthcare, Intramol Ultra Fine can actively create a healthier stable environment. A good stable environment will increase the farmers earnings

  • a natural purified powder product (moler / diatomaceous earth from algae skeletons)
  • has a large internal surface area over 50 m²/g
  • high capillary absorption capacity
  • no swelling or shrinkage
  • very low bulk weight
  • chemically inert
  • non-toxic
  • completely safe to handle
  • binds water up to 2-times its own weight and up to 1,5 times of oils.
Typical chemical analysis ( after drying at 110°C)
SiO2 69%
Fe2O3 7%
Al2O3 9%
TiO2 1%
CaO 1%
K2O + Na2O 2%
MgO 1%
Mohs hardness 1-2
Loss of ignition (1025°C) 8%
Specific weight 2,3 g/cm3
pH (10% aqueous suspension) 4,5


  • Active ingredient: Diatomaceous earth
  • Chemical name: Kieselguhr
  • Empirical formula: (SiO2)n

Due to the organic nature of the diatomaceous earth the product is not harmful for humans and poultry.

Specification Min. Max. Average
Bulk Density   310 g/l 280 g/l
H2O   6 % 3,9 %
Absorption capacity, water (Modified BASF method) 147 %   168 %
Absorption capacity, oil (Modified BASF method) Min. 160 %   177 %
Sieve analysis Min. Max. Average
Bulk Density > 45 μm 28 % 21,7 %
H2O > 63 μm 18 % 14,1 %
Absorption capacity, water (Modified BASF method) > 90 μm 12 % 7,3 %
Absorption capacity, oil (Modified BASF method) Min. > 250 μm 4 % 0,2 %


Available on request


Intramol Ultra Fine is available in 25 kg multilayer paperbags.


Using our Intramol Ultra Fine as a stable desiccant, is an important part in the modern farmers toolbox. Intramol Ultra Fine will effectively alter the stable environment into a drier and healthier living environment for the animals.

All natural

Intramol Ultra Fine is a natural material.
Intramol Ultra Fine contains no chemistry , no active ingredients, just pure suction power.

100% safe

Animals can lick and eat Intramol Ultra Fine without it causing harm. It is an inert material.

Drier stable

A dry stable environment has less insects. Less insects equals less animal stress. Less stress equals higher earnings for the farmer.

Odeur Reduction

Intramol Ultra Fine traps the odours from ammonia, and thereby reduces bad smells.

Low Ph

Intramol Ultra Fine has a low Ph level of 4,5 to 5,5. In the stable environment, this is countering reactions from manure, as well as being skin and hoof friendly.

All organic

Put Intramol Ultra Fine on the fields after use, it will help to fertilise the fields


Animal houses:

Poultry on the floor:
As Intramol Ultra Fine is used as a ‘dust bath’, cover the floor with a layer enough to allow the birds to dust bathe. Dust bathing will free the chickens of red mite within 48 hours.
Some farm managers prefer to make ‘sand boxes’ in a few corners of the house to avoid dust formation inside the house.

Poultry in cages:
Use Intramol Ultra Fine in a powder fogger and cover all surfaces. The best result is achieved by creating a very fine and even all round coating to laying nests, cages, walls and slats.

Treat the pens with a layer of Intramol Ultra Fine.

Storage silos/floors:

Pre-harvest preventive treatment: 10 g/m2 + 20 mg/m2 after 14 days.
Stored crop: top 30 cm

  • 200 gr/m2 = 1 kg/t
  • 600 gr/m2 = 3 kg/t

For individual protection wear suitable respiratory protective equipment.


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