As you can see in below picture, the spread of African Swine Fever (ASF) is evolving into a global pandemic. 

Research shows that acidifying feeds with organic acids significantly reduces survivability of  viruses including the ASF virus.  (Trudeau et al., 2016)

According to that same research lowering the pH in the final feed in combination with the specific action of the organic acid Benzoic Acid, are especially effective. 

Intraco's SalClean offers the appropriate solution to this problem. 

Intraco's SalClean is a balanced blend of:
  • Organic acids, including Benzoic Acid  
  • and essential oils. 
This unique composition ensures:
  • Lowering the pH .
  • Specific control of viruses, bacteria and moulds in the final feed.




There are also other similar products from our ADD-OPTIMALS range that can contribute to improving the biosecurity of the final feed. 

Mouldclean, for example, is more specifically aimed at combating moulds. 

Gut Balance Booster, on the other hand, is used to promote intestinal health.


And finally, 'better prevention than cure' is possible with our Hi-Concept programme. A range of possibilities to promote hygiene and keep unwanted guests out: HI-CONCEPT


Good luck!

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Pieter De Nève & Jeroen Michielsen,
Nutritionists  Intraco