In most places, soon the grains will be harvested that serve as raw material for the final feed of our animals. 
Both the harvest itself and the storage space are often too humid for proper storage
This creates the risk of mould forming on these raw materials and therefore also in the final feed. 
Intraco offers you the solution  for this problem: MouldClean




The efficiency of Mouldclean is due to its synergistic action of thoroughly selected organic acids and phytobiotics to deliver an optimal anti-fungal effect.
The phytobiotics make the cell membranes of the harmful microorganisms more permeable for the organic acids to enter and kill the cells.
In particular
propionic acid and its salt have been proven to be the most effective agents to neutralize moulds.
This way the animals won’t waste as much energy fighting these pathogens and can invest this
energy in essential actions like growth or egg production.


Thanks to MouldClean the final feed has:
  • a longer storage time,
  • a higher nutritional guarantee.
As a result, the performance of the animals is optimal.


A similar product from our range is
and cannot be excluded from the fight against
bacterial hazards 
present in the raw materials and consequently in the final feed. 

Read more about how
Salclean solves this problem here

Prevention is better than cure!

#StaySafe! #StayHealty!
This also counts for our animals. 


Do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of service to you. 

Hope to hear from you!

Pieter De Nève, Head Nutritionist, Intraco
Jeroen Michielsen, Nutritionist, Intraco