Redustress Poultry Plus™

Complete Stress Control


Redustress Poultry Plus ™ is a specially designed mixture of different additives that alleviates the negative impact caused by heat stress, by preventing a reduction in feed intake and a decrease in zootechnical performances. Because of dehydration during heat stress, it is important to supply extra electrolytes, since they are excreted together with water. The product also provides extra support to the animals by regulating anti-stress hormones and by increasing its antioxidative capacities.

Redustress Poultry Plus™ is a white-brown, fine powder that is free flowing and heat stable during the manufacturing of premix and/or final feed. It is also water soluble, so it can be added to the drinking line as soon as first signs of heat stress are showing/visible.


Active Ingredients:

  • Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)
  • Vitamin E (all-rac-alpha-tocopherylacetate) (3a700)
  • Selenium from inactivated selenised yeast (3b8.12)
  • Sodium Bicarbonate (NaHCO3)
  • Silicic Acid (E551a)

Physico-chemical features:

  • Pack density: 0.75 - 0.78 g/cm3
  • Solubility: soluble in water
  • Moisture K.F.: < 4%
  • Granulometry: min. 96% < 0.5 mm
  • pH-range 7.0 - 7.5


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Redustress Poultry Plus ™ is packed in 20 kg net multi-layer paper bags with strong, impermeable inner lining against moisture and oxidation.


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Animals can suffer from a lot of different stress situations, physiological stress, vaccination stress, transportation stress, etc. But the most important ones to counter are heat stress and oxidative stress. These can lead to a huge reduction in productivity. During heat stress, the animals have difficulty in maintaining their water and ion balance. Cells get dehydrated and simultaneously electrolytes (as Na+, K+, Cl-) are lost. Feed intake declines, which results in lower growth rate, as well as lower egg production and quality, reduced feed efficiency and affected immunity.

If the temperature in the poultry housing cannot be controlled sufficiently, interventions in the diets may be the solution. By using Redustress Poultry Plus™, the amount of electrolytes in the diet is increased. This will have a positive impact on the water balance of the animal and will prevent dehydration of the animal.

During stress moments, the stock of anti-oxidants in the body is depleated/depleating. It is important to provide sufficient antioxidants to cover the increased need . By adding Redustress Poultry Plus™, the stock of anti-oxidants is replenished.


  • Dosage recommendations for Redustress Poultry Plus™ :
    1,5 kg/1000L of drinking water
    3,0 kg/mT of compound feed
  • Storage conditions: Please keep in tightly closed original bag, and store in a dark and dry place at room temperature (15 - 25°C). Redustress Poultry Plus™ is a stable product under above conditions during a full period of 12 months from manufacture date. After this period, quality should be checked before actual use. Possible variation in colour is not correlated with the intrinsic activity and thus performance.

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