Intra Toxinbind Xpro™

The all-round binder substrate


Intra Toxinbind Xpro™ (ITXpro™) is a premixture of activated clay minerals, purified yeast products and efficient mould inhibitors for all diets. It is a versatile combination of high-affinity substrates for a varied set of fungal toxic metabolites. ITXpro™ is faecally excreted and does not interfere with vital nutrients (nutritionally inert), as clearly proven in various high-inclusion tolerance tests. Because of its concentrated efficacy, it is only needed in a relative low inclusion rate.
Intra Toxinbind Xpro™ (ITXpro™) is a grey-whitish, fine and  free flowing product for easy dosing and uniform mixing. It can easily be incorporated into premix or final feed and is heat-resistant.


Active ingredients:

Inorganic matter:

  • Porous, adsorptive clay mineral carriers: Activated clinoptilolite (1g568) and Sepiolite (E562)

Organic matter:

  • Concentrated eubiotic source of yeast cell walls from dried-killed S.cerevisiae: containing glucans, and modified mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS) i.e. esterified glucomannans (EGM).
  • Salt of short-chain organic acid: Calcium propionate (E282) as mould inhibitor (anti-deterioration)

Safety (controlled levels as per European feed legislation and WHO standards):

  • We guarantee no detrimental levels of undesired substances (e.g. heavy metals, dioxins, PCBs) in the mineral fractions.

Physico-chemical features:

  • Pack density: 0.85 - 1.05 g/cm3
  • Solubility: not soluble in water
  • Moisture: < 10%
  • pH-value (10% solution): 5.5 - 7.0
  • Granulometry: 60 - 75% in the particle range: 50 - 500 μ


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ITXpro™ is packed in 25 kg net multi-layer paper bags, with impermeable inner lining against moisture and oxidation.


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ITXpro™ is a well-balanced blend of aflatoxin absorbing aluminosilicates, and purified yeast cell wall compounds with broad-spectrum binding capacity.

The frequent and highly polar aflatoxins and ochratoxins, originate from post-harvest fungal infections during humid feed storage or manufacturing. These low-weight molecules are typically formed by Aspergillus and Penicillium infections (e.g. in corn, groundnut or cottonseed), and are quite easily bound electro-statically by activated clay minerals. As for ITXpro™, no bentonite clay (E558) has been added because of possible dioxin risks and interference with valuable vitamins and nutrients. Here, the much preferred zeolite clinoptilolite is the better clay mineral for eliminating these hazards but also binding various degradation products like ammonia or heavy metals. During chronic challenges of aflatoxicosis, clinoptilolite will stimulate immunity by improving antibody titers against Newcastle Disease (ND) and Avian Infectious Bronchitis (AIB).

The commonly found Fusario-toxins such as trichothecenes (DON, T-2 & HT-2), ZEA and fumonisins however, are typically harvest field-borne and can actually be absorbed by mainly yeast cell wall oligosaccharides. For this reason, ITXpro™ contains essential organic yeast cell compounds. Extraordinarily, its prebiotic MOS have been modified into esterified-glucomannans (EGM) which are respected for their widest radius of action (primarily non-polar, but also quite strongly AFLA and OTA). As opposed to mineral clay binders, these yeast components bind persistent ergot alkaloids (Claviceps) and cereal Fusarium metabolites (especially ZEA & DON) much more easily. Their pH independence enables a continuous binding activity inside the physiological, digestive system of the animal. Furthermore, next to Van der Waals -and hydrogen toxin binding, yeast glucans also contribute in both specific and non-specific immune system, owing to their unique chemical structure. This synergistic mineralorganic combination in ITXpro™ ensures an optimal dual approach.

Finally, the relevant inclusion of pH-lowering calcium propionate further limits mould proliferation or toxin synthesis and thus decreases their intestinal absorption. By applying ITXpro™ aflatoxicosis as such can be controlled, securing optimal health of organs (liver, kidney, udder or mouth) and improved production, e.g. egg yield and FCR. Next to a good feed hygiene and preventative management (e.g. mould inhibitor MouldClean™), a polyvalent toxin adsorbent with multiple-target affinity is the most likely way to achieve the highest success rate. That is why ITXpro™ provides a ”fixed” protection in cost-effective myco detoxification.


Dosage recommendations for ITXproTM:

Standard: • For monogastrics: 0,75 - 1,0kg/mT of compound feed • For ruminants: 20 - 25g/day/animal

Increased risk: • For monogastrics: 1,5 - 2,0kg/mT of compound feed • For ruminants: 35 - 40g/day/animal

Clear mould contamination/severe mycotoxicosis: • For monogastrics: 2,0 - 3 kg/mT of compound feed • For ruminants: 40 - 50g/day/animal

Storage conditions:

Please keep in tightly closed original bag and store in a cool, dark and dry place. ITXpro™ is a stable product under above conditions for a period of 24 months from manufacturing date. After this period, quality should be checked before actual use. Possible variation in color is not correlated with intrinsic activity and thus performance.

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