Enziblend Protein Plus™

Maximize protein digestibility


EnziBlend Protein Plus™ is a concentrated, multi-purpose additive, specially formulated to improve overall digestibility of protein rich raw materials The smart combination of exogenous carbohydrase, pectinase (to increase nutrient availability) and protease (extra amino acid absorption), delivers nutritionists a complete tool to utilize the non-digested fractions inside the animal’s gut. These bio-catalysts simply boost nutrient availability, far above the endogenous capabilities of the monogastric animal itself. EnziBlend Protein Plus™ Is a grey-whitish, free-flowing micro-granular powder for easy dosing and uniform mixing and can easily be incorporated into the premix or final feed. They complement with the limited amount of the animal’s own enzymes, in order to reach a more complete digestion. Each of them are well-coated, pH-stable, and heat-resistant up to 75°C.


Guaranteed enzymatic bio-activities (in specific units per kg):

  • Endo - 1,3(4)-β-glucanase - EC (E1603)
  • Pectinase - EC (E1603)
  • Pure serine protease - EC 3.4.21(4a13)

Inert mineral carrier:

  • mycotoxin-binding Sepiolite clay (E562)

Physico-chemical features:

  • Pack density: 1.0 -1.2 g/cm³
  • Solubility: not soluble in water
  • pH: neutral
  • Moisture K.F.: < 10%
  • Granulometry: min. 98.% < 0.8 mm


Available on request


EnziBlend Protein Plus™ is packed in 20 kg net multi-layer paper bags with strong, impermeable inner lining against moisture and oxidation


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Protein rich raw materials (as soybean meal, sunflower meal,…) contain a significant fraction of Non Starch Polysaccharides (NSP) with pectines as the most prevalent source. Pectines are indigestible for monogastrics, since the animals do not produce the appropriate digestive enzymes themselves. Undigested fibers can act as a substrate for bacterial growth and this can result in a disturbed digestion: bacterial overgrowth in the intestines, bad digestion of the diet and bad absorption of nutrients and water in the gut. This will result in bad performance and bad litter quality.

By adding EnziBlend Protein Plus™ to the final feed, the pectines will be broken down and more nutrients will be unlocked out of the encapsulating NSP-fibers, which are spread over the entire gut content. Consequently, more substrate is digested and micro-nutrients (e.g. oligosaccharides, amino & fatty acids, minerals), which were formerly encapsulated in the NSP-complex , are additionally released. Also, the carefully selected exogenous protease leads to extra protein digestion, since the endogenous proteases are not sufficiently present, especially not in younger animals. As such, more nutritive elements are presented to the intestinal cell wall epithelium, for further absorption into the animal’s blood stream.

For the animal itself, this is translated into an overall improvement in daily growth, feed conversion and egg production, as well as in reduced intestinal viscosity and better faecal quality. As the overall digestibility of the diet is improved, the crude protein content of the diet can be lowered. This gives the nutritionist the opportunity for a more cost-effective selection of raw materials in his final feed formulation.


  • Dosage recommendations for EnziBlend Protein Plus™: 0,5 - 2,0 kg/mT of compound feed
  • Storage conditions: Please keep in tightly closed original bag, and store in a dark and dry place at room temperature. EnziBlend Protein Plus™ is a stable product under above conditions for a period of 12 months from manufacturing date. After this period, quality should be checked before actual use. Possible variation in colour is not correlated with the intrinsic activity and thus performance.

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