We advise you to be alert for the following external behavioural change in your chickens when it is hot: 
- Chickens are panting,
- they do not eat enough,
- they are less active,
- they drink often or more often.
Chances are that your chickens are suffering from the heat and that they are dealing with heat stress

Fortunately, you can quickly tackle this alarming situation by using Intraco's Redustress Poultry Plus

Redustress Poultry Plus makes poultry more resistant to heat stress thanks to its double functionality.
  • The source of sodium helps the animal to maintain its water balance by increasing the amount of electrolytes lost because of dehydration.
  • The clever combination of vitamin C, vitamin E and the highly available source of selenium replenishes the stock of antioxidants in the body.

The unique formula of our Redustress Poultry Plus offers you different options:
  •  You can choose to mix Redustress Poultry Plus in your standard feed.
  • Or you can only use it preventively when the risk of heat stress is high. 

Redustress Poultry Plus can be mixed in the final feed or added to the drinking water
Thanks to Redustress Poultry Plus there will eventually be:
  • a low mortality rate
  • a high quality of meat
  • better performance of the animal.
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Do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of any service to you. 

Hope to hear from you!

Pieter De Nève, Head Nutritionist, Intraco
Jeroen Michielsen, Nutritionist, Intraco